Reverse Mobile Review

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Reverse Mobile Review


 Reverse Mobile ( is an information-based service that allows users to search and obtain particular details about the owner of a mobile phone number. The information obtained reveals user details such as full name, age, and registered address.

The first of such services was limited to use only by government agencies including emergency response services. Reverse Mobile has however managed to build its own detailed mobile phone database that includes private mobile phone numbers and details of their owners. This information is sourced from mobile phone carriers for a fee. It is also provided on condition that it shall not be accessible to the general public for free. This is to reduce risks associated with misuse of the provided information.

Reverse Mobile Review

For the few years that the service and the website that hosts it have been available to the public, Reverse Mobile has gained huge popularity, attracting the attention of both users and critiques. This attention has over time led to many Internet analysts talking about it, with review and forum boards discussing the service, its effectiveness and use in the public realm. This article aims to put together ideas raised by users, critiques, bloggers, forum members, discussion boards, social networking sites and offline platforms including magazines and academicians.

 How it works:

The issue of how Reverse Mobile works has been the subject of many reviews and discussion forums. In essence, the particulars of a search result are based on a comprehensive database of all mobile phones gathered, their owners and information about them. 

The typical telephone directory does not have mobile phone numbers. Therefore, Reverse Mobile cannot rely on manual telephone directories to make its information database. That said, Reverse Mobile has been on record, stating that their database grows and changes every single day, with new numbers and new information added.

One of the notable facets of the Reverse Mobile website is the simplicity of the front home page. According to them, the idea is to have a sort of a ‘Google for all mobile phones’. Just as Google, the main feature of the website is the search entry part. On keying in your mobile phone number, the website gives you in a matter of seconds, comprehensive details on the owner of the mobile phone number. You will have to enter all the ten digits for the website to provide results.

How Reverse Mobile Is Used

The Reverse Mobile site is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. A look at all the online talk on forums and review boards reveals how widely and for what purpose the service is used. Surprisingly, over 80% of online respondents have at one time keyed in strange, off-the-head mobile phone numbers just to see what results they will get. Most first time users are just curious to see how the service works.

For the majority of reviewers however, Reverse Mobile has provided an opportunity to find out details of telemarketing companies who hide their identity under mobile phone numbers to get through to consumers.  Others have used the information provided by Reverse Mobile to catch cheating spouses. It has provided invaluable assistance in tracking down pranksters. Parents are now able to identify phone numbers on their kids’ mobile phones and weed out paedophiles and other social misfits.

As part of background research, people are using the Reverse Mobile service to find out basic details of the people they are dealing with, including age, and occupation. One is able to confirm some of the information provided by a potential business associate or employee.

Reverse mobile also helps you find mobile numbers of friends you intend to surprise with a visit or a call. You only need to type in their names and the service will provide the required details.

However, some reviewers have complained that easy access to such personal information creates opportunities for scam artists and identity theft fraudsters to swindle the general public. Others have pointed out that the service is limited to mobile phone numbers in the US only and as such cannot be used to identify unknown international callers. Largely however, customer reviews indicate general appreciation and satisfaction with the services provided by

This service is available to users in two ways. You can use it for either a single check up or sign up for an annual subscription. The single sign up will only allow one check. Any subsequent checks will require additional payments. However, by signing up for the annual subscription, the service is available for multiple uses throughout the year..

Legal Perspective

This has been one of the hottest debates on the Internet – the legality of a service that provides personal details of mobile phone users to the general public. This is a reasonable concern due to the potential risks of having one’s details out there in the public.

By registration, Reverse Mobile is registered as, among other things, a phone directory company. As such, it is authorized to collect details of phone number owners, whether mobile phone or otherwise, and have them listed in their directories. What would be new to some people, however, is the fact that the directory is not a manual document, but a soft copy record. However, as a phone directory business, Reverse Mobile has a legal mandate to collect mobile phone numbers and owner details thereof.

Respondents to the question of legality have observed the need for governments to keep pace with innovations in the industry and formulate policy and guidelines to regulate companies, which provide reverse mobile look up services. The growth and innovativeness of the information and communication sector is revolutionary, requiring frequent revision of policy guidelines to regulate and address the multiple concerns arising from the industry.

The future of Reverse Mobile

There have been wide and intensive debates, on Internet and technology geeks’ discussion boards, concerning the possible growth and direction of the Reverse Mobile service. All reviewers across the board recognize how innovative the service is, and indeed how important it is to the public. With increased technological advancements and innovation, it is only a matter of time before additional reverse mobile services become available to the public. 


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