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Public Records Pro Review

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NOTE - Public Records Pro has now been replaced By - Click Here For The New Site (Or alternatively, use this site instead which offers the same service as Public Record Pro used to)

Information is something that flows free these days, but you still need to pay a bit of money to access it. This isn't because information is restricted, it is because someone has to gather that information and make it more readily available, and because of that, someone will need to be paid. That being said, there are many, many websites out there that provide a search engine for different public records.

As of late, there have been many laws passed in different states allowing for the release of public records, and as a result of that, many directory websites have been popping up all over the internet. One such website is Public Records Pro, which claims to provide solid customer service and an easy way to search public records.

At first glance, the website does not look like a high-end indexing site, but there are a few good things about it. One of those things is that it is based entirely online, meaning there is no software to download and nothing extra to buy. What can you do with it? What types of services does it offer? The first thing you will find is that it offers birth and death records.

What you will also find is that it can provide residential addresses, place of employment, siblings, spouse, and any number of other facts that could prove useful. In some cases, you might be able to gain access to criminal records, which is of great help to employers.

Most public record search websites allow a user to conduct a search, or even multiple searches depending on how much you have paid for the service. When you sign up for an account with Public Records Pro, you will find that you have a members area that you can actually log into, and from that you can run all of your searches. This is much more comprehensive than other public records websites, and much more available.

Now you know a few things about Public Records Pro, but the question now is what others think of it. For the most part, reviews remain favorable, though as with any product there are some negative aspects that need to be considered. Before we get to that however, we will talk a bit about the positive aspects.

Many people have stated that while Public Records Pro is not aesthetically pleasing, it does not lack in features. Sure, it might not look like some of the more robust websites out there, but because it doesn't, the maintenance of the website does not consume resources. In addition to that, you can be assured that without the flashy graphics, more attention is paid to the actual content of the website, which is great for those who need to get right to the 'meat', so to say.

One user stated:

"I was able to search for someone that everyone knows, and I was immediately provided with a residential address, siblings, spousal information, and anything else I needed."

The same user also stated:

"All of the data on the website has been verified with regulatory bodies. This will ensure that all information is accurate, and if there are any problems, the customer service will quickly respond to address that problem."

In other words, if you have a problem you can ask for help, and you can expect a detailed answer without any of the generic auto responses that most websites will provide. But what are the negative reviews? What have they stated? You might be surprised that there was only one real negative comment regarding Public Records Pro, and while it makes sense, it does not really apply.

One user stated this:

"All of the information you can obtain from the website can be found anywhere on the internet. You don't need to pay $2 month to access that data!"

Yes, that is true. You could find everything you needed through extensive internet searches, but the question is why you would want to. When you use a search site such as this, you will be able to get the information you need quickly. In addition to that, because it is verified by several authorities, you can be quite sure that the information is accurate. Can you truly say the same about any information that you would find on a conventional search engine? Most likely that would not be the case, and for this reason, you should make use of these public information search tools.

There are many other information websites that you can date advantage of if you so desire, but you should note that while they might be comparable to Public Records Pro, they might not be quite as good. To tell you the truth it all depends on your tastes, and what you are looking for. Are you going to find what you are looking for? To be perfectly honest, that depends on who you are looking for and whether or not they actually want to be found. There are steps people can take to keep themselves hidden, even from the most comprehensive of searching tools. That being said, you will most likely be able to find what you need, but don't be surprised if your search comes up empty

In the event the public records search comes up empty, you could always try a reverse phone number search. There are many services that provide this, and though it is nothing like a public records search, it does have its uses. The type of reverse phone lookup you can perform will depend highly on the search tools you use. Some will only provide a name and phone number, others will provide addresses, places of employment, and a wealth of other information. Once again though, that doesn't mean you will find anything at all. Don't take that the wrong way! Websites like Public Records Pro are still the best way to search public records, whether you're just curious about someone, or need to look up information on a potential employee. There are many possibilities, and many reasons to perform a search of this nature. 

NOTE - Public Records Pro has now been replaced By - Click Here For The New Site (Or alternatively, use this site instead which offers the same service as Public Record Pro used to)

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