Phone Detective Review

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Phone Detective Review


Phone detective ( is an online service that enables users obtain a caller’s details using just their telephone number. Before the service was available online and to the public, it was for a long time used by law enforcement services to establish the source of a call.


As a service open to the public and one, which is extensively used, there are tons of reviews both from critiques and users of the service. This article conglomerates and puts together, in detail, the reviews of the website and the service, detailing how it works, the pros, cons and future developments, based on the online and offline reviews.


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How Phone Detective Works:


The question of how the phone detective service works has been the subject of many forums. To summarize how it works, the details provided from a phone detective search are based on the most recent phone directories as produced by established and legal telephone companies. Over time, technological advancements have enabled these telephone directory companies to build their databases in soft copy. This is the primary source of data that phone detective uses.


When the phone detective service was introduced, it could retrieve information from landline phone numbers only. This is because all telephone directories only recorded landline numbers. Today still, most of these manual directories only hold the fixed lines. However, with time, databases of cell phone numbers and details of their users have been built and are continuing to grow, making it possible for the phone detective service to pull out detailed information on cell phone owners. These databases are built mainly from utility bills and service organizations where a cell phone number is required.


Usage by the public


According to Internet research companies, the website is one of the most visited sites. Higher privacy concerns and intrusion by telemarketing companies have made most people wary of the calls they receive outside their phonebook.


Just by typing out the mystery number on the phone detective website, users are able to pull out details of the caller including their name, home address, location from where the call came through and other such details. Telemarketing companies for example use automated machines to make millions of calls all over the world, leaving only their telephone number and a message asking you to call back. By using the phone detective service to do a reverse phone lookup, users are able to know that it was a telemarketing company and ignore any of their future incoming calls.




Over 75% of discussions posted on online discussion boards or offline forums have raised the issue of the legality of the service. This is clearly understandable, with privacy gaining ground as the buzzword surrounding Internet usage. However, it is important to note that telephone directories, the basis of which the service is founded, are publicly used and are open information sources and therefore bringing them online should not and has not raised any legality issues. The website is legally providing the service and indeed has been praised for offering this critical and much needed product.


The Future of Phone Detective


This has also been a hot online debate especially by Internet and technology geeks. The phone detective service is one of the latest in the technological line of gathering and building information databases. There has been tremendous advancement of information technology in the last 50 years and the future of these technologies can only get exciting. Days when to just to make a simple call one had to go through an operator,  who would then do a manual switch to connect you, are long gone and phone detective services are proof of where the services are going in days to come.


As most debaters of the service have observed, the growth of information and communication technologies has been phenomenal and especially the use of mobile phones. Indeed, the use of mobile was only a preserve of national intelligence services. As was noted by an IT Development forum in Russia, the ability to track people’s locations using gadgets like mobile phones was only seen on Sci-Fi movies and fictional novels. Today, with the use of a simple GPS system, you can track down the location of mobile phones anywhere on the planet. Governments the world over have been urged throughout discussion forums to keep pace with the developments of the service offered at, and among other such companies, to prevent fraudulent use of the information obtained and to protect individual human rights.


Pros and Cons of Phone Detective


To summarize the points mentioned by reviewers of the service, it is clear that is gaining huge popularity as evidenced by the sheer number of its users.  In particular, most comments have raised these three issues;


- Accessing the online service enables you to find out the real caller on the other end of the phone. In the case of landlines, details including the name and address and precise location of the caller are available.


-  At times children receive calls from people and numbers we do not know or trust and the caller ID is hidden. If the 6-9 phones’ facet is unable, the phone detective one comes in handy and with just some few clicks, you can pull out the identity of the caller. This therefore greatly increases security.


- It is clear, from the online reviews we have seen, that the public is in angst of the nuisance that telemarketing companies causes. The public is therefore using the phone detective service to pull out details of these companies and having them blocked from accessing their phone numbers.


As with every good thing, there have been a few notable concerns with the use of the phone detective service. Top on the list is the ease with which a person’s details are retrievable just by typing in a phone number. There are instances where will give results including “previous known addresses” of the search subject. Public sentiments have shown this to be a little bit too much information to be availed, especially because of possible scamming and frauds.


However, these concerns notwithstanding, it is clear from the sheer number of users of the service, that phone detective is a much needed service and one that the public has found greatly useful.

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